Visit interactive exhibits
Gain a better understanding of extreme poverty around the world
Understand how you can make a difference
Have thought-provoking discussions with the rest of your group

Feel what it’s like to grow up in poverty within a developing country.

It can be hard to understand what children in poverty feel every day. Through a series of audio-led exhibits you’ll walk a day in their shoes. See what a typical day holds – with all its challenges and choices. It’s a chance to see life from a completely different perspective.

This event is free and family-friendly.

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What’s the Compassion Journey like?

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Visitor Testimonials

"My children and I LOVED the entire experience. We were really able to understand the different lifestyle and gain perspective and compassion for children living in poverty. We would highly recommend this to everyone."

"Thank you for helping to show my young children how other children around the world may live."

"I was SO pleased with this experience. I didn't know what to expect and I could tell my son really got an idea of what poverty looks like in different places in the world."

"The experience was awakening for my six-year-old son. He said it makes him appreciate what he has. It was emotional for me to be able to experience the Journey. Even though I know that world exists, it’s the closest I’ve come to it."

"Thank you for providing this to our community. It is one I fully believe all people (adults and children) in America should experience."

"I am so happy we took the tour as a family. This was a worthwhile event, and we look forward to sponsoring a child soon."