An immersive digital experience that places you inside the true story of a girl growing up in poverty in a developing country. Answer meaningful questions with your family and community. Watch the power of hope unfold.

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  • “…moving and meaningful.”
    — participant
  • “I would recommend that others watch this compelling story.”
    — participant
  • “My kids (7 and 9) were very engaged and answered all of the questions with me.”
    — participant

Learn about global poverty by experiencing a true story of transformation.

Join 12-year old Patience at a critical point in her life and experience her story first-hand. See what life is like for her in her community, her school, her home. This interactive experience will bring you into her world and face-to-face with the difficult obstacles she has to overcome in her escape from poverty.

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The true story of Patience, a girl growing up in Kyebando, Uganda

  • Viewing Time: 30 Minutes
  • Appropriate for Ages 5 and Up Some content may be difficult for younger children. To preview subject matter and themes prior to viewing, click here.

Best Viewing Experience:

  • Watch on laptop, tablet or larger
  • Watch with sound on
  • Set aside 30 minutes with nothing else going on to fully engage with the story

How to participate in The Compassion Journey with a group:

The Compassion Journey is a valuable experience for individuals, but best experienced with a group. We’d encourage you to participate with your family, church small group, or a few friends.

Here are some tips to get the most out of this event and bring your favorite people closer together.

  • If circumstances allow, gather your family or friends around a larger screen. A laptop or tablet works great, or you can cast the event to a TV or large monitor. Take some time to answer the discussion questions and talk about what you’re feeling as you watch together.
  • If you can’t be together in person, have one person register for access and invite your friends to watch together through your favorite video meeting service. Have a host go through the journey and share the screen with the group. Talk through the questions together, or use the chat feature if your group is on the larger side.
  • If your schedules don’t match up, send the link to this page out to everyone you’d like to invite. Everyone can register individually and view on their own time. Start an email thread or social media chat to talk about the experience and answer the discussion questions together.
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